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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Eve at the pond by Gail Gallacher 2012


Eve Rivers is the central character (the female protagonist) in Larby Lodge. She is 14 years old and going through a tough time, as she reaches what can only be described as a magical puberty, or as we call it her Awakening. Not only does Eve have to learn to deal with her fledgling magical powers, she also has to cope with great personal loss; following the death of her sister and her mother.

But as Eve has believed all along, foul play is at work. And if she doesn't figure out who killed her family and why, she will most certainly be next on their list.

After an outburst of wild magic nearly kills her father and his new girlfriend, Eve is sent to Larby Lodge; a correctional facility for troubled girls. Surrounded by other users of wild magic, Eve must learn the technique of self-control from a peaceful group called the Paters, who negate all of their magical powers, to lead a simple life.

But will their simple lifestyle put everyone in danger? Or can Eve escape in time to defend herself from those that bear a grudge against her and her family?

More characters to follow!