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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

                                            Amanda Hocking, Gail Gallacher, Eric Goldman

Amanda Hocking and the Kindle Million Club!

Here I am with the uber successful Amanda Hocking - one of the first members of the Kindle Million club. She self published her popular Trylle series and sold so many copies that she had agents and publishers chasing her. She's now a New York Times Bestselling Author, and she buys cool things with her earnings like a life-size replica of Hans Solo frozen in carbonite...I think Paul would probably love one of those too! This is Amanda doing an event on behalf of Waterstones at Aylsham High. She was jetting off to Spain just after to continue her worldwide tour...that's the life!

Amanda was adamant that her success was due to the enthusiasm and support she got from the blogging world. So bloggers everywhere we salute you, but do give self-published authors a chance - a lot of the time they are fantastic writers. It's tough to get a break at the moment, so why not publicise your own work if you have the creative means?

We'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this;

Are you struggling to get a deal?
Have you decided to bypass submissions completely and do it for yourself?

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  1. It's so cool you met her!! She is an indie author idol haha Seriously successful, I hope we get to be that way too!