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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Characters: Part 2

When we write, it's like we have a movie playing in our head. These were the actors in our imagined movie of Mitford Falls, which was originally going to be book 1, but has now become book 3 in The Sword And The Flame series. Note that unfortunately two of these actors are dead. Heath Ledger was going to be Marcus, you'll have to wait for his character! Marilyn Monroe (or as close as we could get) is our Pandora, again, you won't discover her for a while yet...but boy is she an amazing character. Josh Hartnett is our vision of Jude Cawood (Pandora's love interest). Liv Tyler (or Jennifer Connolly as she was in Labyrinth) has always been our vision of Eve. Heather Graham is an older and more together version of Iris, if you want a version of her as she is in Larby Lodge, check out the actress from Wild Child and St Trinians: Juno Temple.

Note: Someone missing? You're right! James was only a minor character in Mitford Falls, but drew our attention so much, that we had to give him a bigger role, so as Eve's love interest, we have always imagined James to be played by Alex Pettyfer.

Let us know if you think different and if so, who do you picture as Eve, James and Iris?

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